Finding the best flight deals for students

Getting the best flight deals for students can be tricky. It’s rather complex. But it’s nevertheless possible too. The students who are still to complete their studies are forced to live mostly on a small budget provided by their parents/guardians. The amount provided is utilized for their education, food and accommodation. This leaves them with little money when it is time for them to go home to meet their families or take a brief break from studies for vacation. This is really worrisome for them.

The students may not be privileged customers for airlines and travel companies. But they haven’t been ignored too. There are many international airlines and online travel companies offering student airfare discounts. This however seems to be varied as different airlines claim to provide the discounts in their own way.  Prominent U.S. carriers such as United Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines have been offering student flight deals for past several years. Apart from the airlines, there many websites as well that offer travel discounts to students. Let’s take a look at some of these websites through which students are offered great flight deals.

Consider visiting STA Travel, which is believed to be the largest student travel agency in the world. Check out its weekly student airfare deals through its user-friendly search engine. If you are looking for the cheapest airfares then do remember to visit its website.

Make Student Universe your next stop. You can check out this website for finding some great student airfares. “Students Fly Cheaper” – The motto of Student Universe tells it all. The website also clearly states that student airfares can be purchased only by college students and faculty. This clearly means that student airfares will be provided to only students or faculty members after furnishing proper identification when booking through this website.

Apart from these, German carrier Lufthansa is operating Generation Fly program exclusively for students. Under this program the airline guarantees the lowest possible student travel airfares on any of their flights. According to Lufthansa, the Generation Fly program is exclusively for U.S. students only who are aged 12-25 and hold a valid .edu email address. You will however have to sign up for this. Lufthansa is currently operating flights services to 81 countries, and through the Generation Fly program you can easily travel to/from as many European countries you want.