Best Mexican Restaurants to Gorge on Tangy, Spicy Flavorful Cuisines

People from across the world love to gorge on delectable Mexican cuisines. Whether you visit a taco truck nearby or enjoy a bowl of nachos, the tangy, spicy flavorful cuisines are instant attractions for many. It’s no wonder that the culinary history of Mexico comes to the fore whenever the very thought of savoring Mexican cuisines comes to mind. The recipes are though complex, but the flavors nevertheless harmonious.

Have you ever thought of the best place for enjoying authentic Mexican food, particularly nowadays when it is available in many parts of the world? Never mind, I would recommend you better travel Mexico to partake authentic Mexican cuisines in some of the popular restaurants in the country. Let’s take a look at the best Mexican restaurants which you shouldn’t miss out visiting in any case.


If you have visited Mexico City earlier then you might know Pujol too. It needs no introduction, and is among the world’s best Mexican restaurant. The famous chef Enrique Olvera is lauded for creating delicious Mexican cuisines here. Booking a table in advance as soon as your trip to Mexico is finalized is highly recommended. Don’t wait for the last minute booking as it’s nearly impossible.

pujol restaurant


Merotoro is renowned for serving traditional recipes and brews from Baja California. You can look forward to being served delicious seafood dishes here. You will however be required to book your table in advance as getting it at the last minute is quite difficult.



Wayan’e is the best place to visit if you want to enjoy a quick snack of the streets of Mérida. The best tacos in the city are served here. Consider trying out their chili fillings. You may however try other options as well such as eggs, pork and chicken. There are many Wayan’e outlets across Mérida city, but make it a point to visit the original one which is absolutely the best.

Los Adobes

Los Adobes is a traditional Mexican restaurant in Todos Santos. It is a great favorite amongst both the locals and tourists. Authentic Mexican cuisines prepared with locally grown organic ingredients make this restaurant unique in every aspect. You can look forward to enjoying delicious cuisines such as grilled shrimp with mango and basil, and fish filet smothered in amaretto liqueur, and many more.

Casa Jaguar

Casa Jaguar is located on the beaches of Tulum. It is renowned for serving yummy seafood dishes. There’s no great way in enjoying the weather of Mexico than gorging on freshly prepared delicious food on the shores and watching the silent lapping waves.

Las Mercedes

Las Mercedes is among the top Mexican restaurants in Guanajuato. Though there are many restaurants here but Las Mercedes is the best. It is among a few traditional restaurants where authentic Mexican food is served, with recipes passing from one generation to another. The dishes here are prepared over hours like the olden times thus bringing out the perfect flavors in the cuisines.


Quintonil is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Mexico City. Your culinary tour will be incomplete if you choose to skip this wonderful restaurant.  It is hugely popular for its 10-course delicious menu. You are offered many options, from corn to beans to chilis. You will enjoy the dishes here.


Kuuk is one of the high-end restaurants in Mérida city. It’s veritably a treat for the taste buds. You can look forward to a 12-course tasting menu, which is undoubtedly a feast in itself. Enjoying Mexican cuisines is a thrilling experience. The food here is expensive, but simply worth it.

So, here are some of the best Mexican restaurants that you should consider visiting during your holidays in Mexico. It will be surely a highly enjoyable experience for you.