The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide to the USA

USA Travel Guide

Are you on a budget and want to travel across USA? If it’s true and you have planned to do so then it will be good for you to know something about backpacking as. You will find it extremely helpful in guiding you through your entire trip. Here’s the ultimate backpacker’s guide to the USA that must be looking for or should be aware about. The tips being provided here are based on the experiences of the expert backpackers.

Essentials required before traveling

If you are traveling to the USA as a backpacker then the first and important thing you will require is your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) which can be procured at least 72 hours before embarking on the journey. This is similar to a visa and is valid for two years. Your advanced passenger information also needs to be completed before booking tickets because it will be required when entering the USA.

You should be aware about your financial condition before going on the trip. You need to collect information about your finances when going for more than a fortnight holiday. The authorities may ask you to show your bank statements after entering the USA. If you fail to do so then you are likely to be detained and would be released only after showing the financial details.

Transportation around USA

After you have safely entered into USA, the primary concern for backpackers is the transportation. There are various modes of transportation to adopt when traveling around the country. The options for you include air travel, car rentals, trains and buses. Flying is though quite expensive, but nevertheless easiest form of transportation. You may consider traveling by low-cost carriers such as Spirit Airlines, JetBlue etc and save money. Hiring cars can be cheap if you are traveling along with more backpackers. Petrol is quite cheaper in the USA and you will be able to travel long distances by spending less. Travel by car also provides flexibility and the freedom to visit places at your own time. Train is also a good option for backpackers. You can get special deals from Amtrack and you will be able to travel around USA for less. Amtrack passes are also available as well. Buses are undoubtedly among the cheapest option among them all. You can choose to cover distant places on buses and save money on accommodation and for sleeping.

Accommodation options

For every backpacker hostels are the top priority insofar as accommodation is concerned. The hostels are though seldom available in major cities. Hostels in Chicago are however among the best where you will be offered free breakfast, free dinner and free tea and coffee. You can consider staying in Motels, which are the best alternative to hostels. They are cheaper. The rooms in Motels come with coffee making facilities and breakfast. You can also enjoy the facility of swimming pools too in some Motels.

These are some of the beneficial tips for the backpackers to the USA. Adhering to the fruitful suggestions will work wonders for your trip and make it quite enjoyable.