Why Do We Love Airports? Here’s How!

The truth about why do some people love airports might sound absurd or be somewhat weird! But it’s a fact that there are many people who just love hanging out there. The airport lovers usually make efforts to reach extra early. And, there are several reasons why they do so. I recently talked to one such airport lover who had to say this. According to him, airports are not just to be loved for eating out at fancy restaurants or indulge in tax-free shopping, but the rhythm of rolling suitcases and the excitement of the passengers and the flush on their cheeks, is what is a sheer joyful experience in being at the airports for longer hours while in the process of catching your flights. Here are few reasons why you too should consider airports to one of the favorite parts of your journey, and this despite the fact that many people dread it the most.


Excitement and Anticipation galore

The scenes are the airports are chaotic. Business travelers apart, at least 80 percent of travelers at the airports can be seen going for a family reunion, meeting friends or a vacation, which they must have been yearning for long. The atmosphere at the airport is laden with a sense of happiness, emotional outbursts and excitement – and all these, despite the woes of unending queues and stress of security checks. Airports are mostly seen as a gateway to another picturesque and happening destination. There is excitement and anticipation galore at the airports. It’s a place from where people want to escape from their daily life, and look forward to explore the unexplored. There’s nothing more exciting than this.

Best Place for People-watching

If people-watching is your passion then airports surely are the best place for you to spend hours on. If you are to catch a flight then arrive quite early so that you may indulge in people-watching after fulfilling your required travel procedures. It’s absolutely one of the best places to spend some time simply watching the world go by. Most people-watchers at the airports have developed a peculiar habit of guessing where people are traveling to while standing in a long queue. Many travelers who arrive far too early for the flight get ample opportunity to do so. Airports are indeed a heartwarming place to be and a great way to pass the time. It’s a place where peoples’ emotions come into full play by watching the scenes of reunions or families saying heartfelt goodbyes to their dear ones.

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Be in Limbo and Relax

Haven’t you ever felt that being in ’limbo’ is quite relaxing experience? How about lingering between places and waiting patiently for the next step? Yes, of course, these are the experiences to be felt at the airports. Undoubtedly so, airports are the best places for relaxation as you don’t have to bother about homely affairs such as going to work, doing your laundry, answering the phone, or taxi your family around. It is relaxation and only relaxation while being in transit. All you have to do is to just keep seated and enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for the announcement for boarding. What’s a better way of relaxing indeed!

Go Window Shopping

Airports are the best places for indulging in some window shopping. The shops at the airports are known for offering duty-free goods, and many travelers even try to take advantage of this opportunity. Things are supposedly cheaper here, whether you want to buy perfumes, cosmetics, beach clothes or other accessories. Window shopping is also another way of purchasing some essentials and killing time while waiting to board your flights. And, not only this, you can also visit the bookstores too, and buy books or simply read a whole book without buying it before leaving the bookstore.

Though seemingly weird, but airports are simply the best places for relaxation, making new friends or simply fantasize and look forward to a pleasant journey.