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With Thanksgiving over now it’s high time to plan your Christmas holidays. Many people have even started making their travel plans to visit their family and friends. Christmas undoubtedly is the most prominent festive occasion which people eagerly look forward to after patiently waiting for it whole year. This is the time when you also want to visit your near and dear ones or spend a wonderful time at a vacation hotspot. But the dampener to your plans might be the pricey flight tickets if you haven’t booked it much ahead in advance. The key to this is that you should book your flight tickets at least few months in advance, or else your holiday budget may go awry with costly tickets. This is the time when most of the airlines are in a mad rush to fill their coffers. Planes run full and ticket prices zoom. If you still haven’t booked your Christmas flight tickets, we aren’t going to leave you worried and exasperated. We are providing some valuable tips for you so that getting the best Christmas flight deals becomes easier and you are enjoy your Christmas festivities to the fullest.

Have a flexible approach

Cheap Christmas flight tickets are easier to come by when you have a flexible approach. Being sticky with your flight dates doesn’t help if you are looking for cheap flights. If you aren’t flexible with your flight timings and itinerary then it’s absolutely clear that you aren’t going to get a deal either. You should be cooperative with the airline reservations agent or travel company. They are the best and will search the ultimate deals you are looking for and book discounted Christmas flights for you. Remember that Saturday and Sunday are the most expensive days to fly. The time for booking your Christmas travel is in early September when airfares are lower.

Time of Day matters most

If you are searching for cheap flights then avoid entering a specific time. In fact, the time of day matters most when looking for chealp airline tickets. The peak business travel hours (8am to 10am and 5pm to 7pm) are the most expensive times to fly. If you choose a red-eye flight departing early in the morning (5am to 7am) or late in the evening (after 8pm), or even midday (noon) then cheaper seats would be available. Remember that everyone would want to leave after work or when school holidays have been announced, and the flight tickets tend to be costly. So, you should avoid booking during these times.

Opt for alternate airports

It’s true that flexibility with dates and times helps in saving money on travel. But this is equally true with airports as well. Flying out of bigger airports is costlier in comparison to smaller airports in the same area. For example, if you choose to fly to/from Miami airport when traveling to South Florida is costly when compared to taking flights out of Fort Lauderdale (which is 25 miles north), as it is much cheaper. Alternate airports can be found in almost all the major cities in the USA.

Avoid LCCs and Basic Economy fares

When doing a search for discounted tickets, avoid grabbing the cheapest fare coming your way, particularly from a low-cost carrier (LCC) because you just might end up paying more for your tickets. The LCCs claim to offer cheapest tickets, but it’s not always true. Major LCCs like Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Allegiant Air and Norwegian Air, just to name a few, are known to offer ridiculously low fares and instead loosen your wallet by charging almost for everything such as carry-on luggage, checked baggage and assigned seats. Even legacy carriers are also not to be left behind, and airlines such as American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines too have started offering the same kind of fares. You are therefore advised to always read the fine print before buying flight tickets, even from the mainline airlines.

Fare Alerts are helpful

If you travel frequently or visit destinations for holidays then you must be looking for cheap airfares more often. By doing a manual search for tickets you might have to spend hours on the Internet. You therefore need to avoid checking airfares manually and instead sign up for price alerts of various airlines and travel companies. This is a free service and doesn’t cost you anything. You will receive regular updates regarding flash sales, deals and promotions. By keeping an eye on this you will be able to book your flights for cheap.

These are some of the ways in which getting Christmas flight deals becomes the easiest thing for you. Following these helpful tips will be beneficial for you and save you time as well as money.

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