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Traveling in a group seems to be great fun, but the planning process can be really difficult. But, now no more! LowEndTicket is here to take care of your group flight booking needs and make your flying experience seamless, comfortable and hassle free.

Whether it’s a student group, sport teams, corporate events, group conference, wedding group or large family group, we will assist you to save time and money. Our association with hundreds of airlines and consolidators will surely work to your advantage in getting group flight discounts that you are so eagerly looking for. Contact our skilled travel experts today for a great and affordable journey.

FAQs on Group Airline Tickets

What are the benefits of group booking?

There are several benefits of group booking. The names on the tickets in the group can be changed free of charge before tickets are finally issued. You don’t have to pay for the group bookings immediately, which depend on the airline you are flying on. Some airlines will ask you to pay only a small deposit at the time of booking, while the remaining amount is to be paid just weeks before your departure. The option to add an additional passenger for the same price paid during the original booking always exists. The airline will try to get the group members seated together.

How many people required for group booking?

Usually, 6 and more people are required for group booking by many airlines. However, some of the airlines require 10 or more people for group booking.

Are group flights more expensive?

Group flights are not more expensive as you may think. The airline however doesn’t have a set group discount published on its website. But, when you are making a group booking of 10 or more passengers the airline will offer great discounts. Some airlines offer a flexible group travel option for 10 or more people and provide a customized group fare quote, which will make the flights cheaper.

How to get discount for group booking?

Getting discounts for group booking is always possible. You should directly call up the airline and talk to them about your group travel requirements. Many airlines have flexible group bookings options, which are usually cheaper than regular air tickets. You will have to do some hard negotiations though. When you approach the airline, it will offer a customized fare quote for your group travel booking of 10 or more people, which will be through phone or email. The concession offered in the process will make you happy while you save more

Do you book group travel on low cost airlines?

Yes, I frequently book group travel on many low cost airlines. If the group is big comprising 10 or more people then the low cost airlines offer special group booking discounts. The terms of group bookings however vary, depending on individual airlines. Sometimes a small deposit needs to be paid for securing the booking, and the rest amount has to be paid as the departure date gets closer.

Do airlines give discounts for groups?

Yes, of course, discounts on group bookings for flights are provided by many airlines. You can do so by directly calling the airline office and talk to one of its staff. You will be assisted with your group booking as well as offered discounts too. Apart from this, group bookings can also be done through a reputable air ticket consolidator, or by buying a package (bundle deal) from a reputable tour operator. The airlines however provide great discounts on group booking in comparison to travel companies.

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