Flights for Students

Life as a student is perhaps the best phase for anyone. This is the time when people cherish this period and live most carefree, without much responsibility. There’s no better time to travel than this and fulfill your wanderlust.

Students have most of the time make do with a thrifty budget. When it comes to travel, money is a major concern and so are the expenses involved with it. The prudent way to save on your travel is to get student flight deals. LowEndTicket is ready to help in finding flights for students. Apart from this, here are some of the best ways in which getting discounted flights for students is possible.

Getting student discount on flights

Students try to save as much as possible on travel and other expenses. This is a critical phase in their lives and have to live out of little budget. Travel is a major drain on expenditure. The best way for students therefore is to search for discounted student flights, which is possible when paying heed to the following tips.

  • Special discount fares to students are offered by major airlines. You need to visit the websites of various airlines for student discounts.
  • Make use of student promo codes for securing more discounts on flights.
  • Check the policies of airlines related to student flight discounts before deciding to book your airline tickets.
  • Delta student discount flights are beneficial for international travel and can be linked with flights offered by Virgin Atlantic Airways, Air France-KLM and Alitalia. You will be able to secure flights for travel between the United States and London via Edinburgh or Manchester, and also other transatlantic destinations.
  • The AAdvantage scheme by American Airlines offers special discounts for student travelers. You can avail of the special deals after furnishing your student ID and the name of your school/college/university. The students at one of the participating universities listed on American Airlines website are only eligible to avail a student discount. If you are traveling in a group of 10 or more then you can make significant savings when making group booking with American Airlines.
  • The student discount program by Lufthansa offers discounted airfares to students enrolled in a U.S. college or university aged between 12 and 25 for traveling to above 470 destinations worldwide.
  • United Airlines offers a GroupsPlus program in which discounts tickets for 10 or more passengers can be booked 11 months in advance providing enough time for students to save up for their tickets.
  • Southwest Airlines used to provide student discount fares earlier but has now stopped. Being a budget airline it however still continues to be among the cheapest option for students when traveling to their home at the end of a semester.

FAQs on Student Flights

Can students get discounts on flights?

Yes, why not? Students can always get discounts on flights. There are many airlines in USA offering student discounts on flights such as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines and others. Each airline has its own terms and conditions regarding student discount fares. You can also secure even more discounts on flights by using student promo codes as well. Mostly college and university students are eligible for student discount flights which offer best value for travel deals.

How can I get discounted airline tickets?

It’s always possible to get discounted airline tickets. You need to browse incognito by hiding your location and keeping your searches top secret. Using the best flight search engines will help you in booking flights. Choose the cheapest day to fly. Use your award miles and credit card points in order to fly for free. Consider booking your flight tickets on budget airlines as they are the cheapest. Keep an eye on mistake fares and flash sales and promotions. Find alternative airports nearby to fly as you might get flight tickets. Try booking connecting flights, which will save you money on travel.

How can a student travel cheap?

There are many ways in which a student travel can be cheap. You will have to take following things into account. You first of all need to do your own research on how to find airfares. Be flexible with your departure destinations, dates and times. If possible work for an accommodation. This is a great way to save. Consider staying with an acquaintance for free or stay in dorms and hostels. Get hold of a student discount card. Look for student-only flight discounts in order to save.

Is there student discount for airlines?

There are many airlines that offer student discounts. The student discount program in USA offered by several airlines allows students enrolled in a college or university as well as those aged from 12 to 25 to travel to above 470 destinations world over on discounted airfares.

How can a student save money for travel?

Here are some of the ways in which you can save money on your travel. Living expenses are high everywhere. If your school or college is closer to hometown then better live in your own home instead of paying rent elsewhere for you accommodation. This will help you save. Consider moving off campus if you aren’t living in your hometown. Get a part time job such as working at a coffee shop, gym or studio. You may also work as a Nanny or Babysit, or consider working at a restaurant as a waiter or waitress. You will be able to save only when you don’t spend excessively on material goods and minimize the expenses. Even eating out frequently drains out money, so stop eating out if you want to save for your travel.