Cheap Flights for Students

Are you planning to study abroad? Well, this can be a life-changing for many students. The major concern is travel because they generally have to make do with a shoestring budget, which just isn't enough. The best thing in the circumstances is to look out for student discounts on Flight booking, which is being offered by major airlines nowadays. Let's take a look at some of the airlines offering cheap flights for students.

Delta Student Discount Flights
Delta student discount flights are highly beneficial for all those booking international travel for studying abroad. This can also be linked with flights from Virgin Atlantic Airways. Cheap flights from U.S. to London can be secured with the combined scheduled of the two airlines. Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic Airways are offering up to 40 roundtrip flights between the UK and North America every day, thus making international travel quite cheaper with Delta student discount flights. Apart from Virigin Atlantic, Delta flights can also be combined with Alitalia and Air France-KLM as well.

Advantage by American Airlines
American Airlines is offering student discount flights through it's a Advantage scheme. The student travelers are offered special deals through this. The Advantage scheme required the eligible students to provide their student D and name of school. They must be studying at one of the participating universities listed on the website of American Airlines. Moreover, the students can also make substantial savings through group booking when traveling in a group of 10 or more. Seats can be blocked up to 11 months in advance.

GroupsPlus program by United Airlines
Students are provided the cheapest option for travel on domestic and international routes through United Airlines' GroupPlus program. The airline offers discount tickets for 10 or more passengers under the GroupPlus program, with fares to be booked 11 months in advance. This significantly helps students to save up for their tickets.

FAQs on Student Discount Flights

How can I get discounts on flights?

There are several ways in which getting discounts on flights is possible. Your searches should be kept top secret. This can be done by incognito browsing. Make use of the best flight search engines and fare comparison websites. You should know when it is the cheapest day to fly out. Accumulate award points through your frequent flyer program. This will help you fly for free. Budget airlines often offer great deals. Keep an eye on mistake fare and flash sales by airlines. Connecting flights will cost you less. Keeping these points in view will help you in getting discounts on flights.

How can I fly for free?

There are many ways to fly for free. You can get a new Frequent Flyer Credit Card. Consider signing up for a non-specific Travel Rewards Card. Look out for overbooked flights. You may also volunteer to get bumped and use a voucher for your next flight. Your Companion Ticket can also be made use of for free travel.

How to Get a Student Discount on Flights?

A student discount program is being run in the United States. It allows students enrolled in a US college or university as well as those aged 12 to 25 to travel to more than 470 destinations worldwide for discounted airfares.

Is there any discount for students in flights?

Of course, students are offered discounts in flights. There are many airlines as well as travel websites offering flight discounts to students. Many leading U.S. airlines such as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines provide discounts for students. You can also take the help of travel websites such as StudentUniverse, STA Travel and Generation Fly to search for student discounts.